The Tomo-e Gozen wide field CMOS camera for the Kiso Shmidt telescope


The Tomo-e Gozen is a wide-field high-speed camera for the Kiso 1.0-m Schmidt telescope, with a field-of-view of 20.7-deg$^2$ covered by 84 chips of 2k $\times$ 1k CMOS image sensors with 19-$\mu$m pixels. It is capable to take consecutive images at 2-fps in full-frame read with an absolute time accuracy of 0.2 millisecond. The sensors are operated without mechanical coolers owing to a low dark current at room temperature. A low read noise of 2-e$^-$ achieves higher sensitivity than that with a CCD sensor in short exposures. Big data of 30-TBytes per night produced in the 2-fps observations is processed in real-time to quickly detect transient events and issue alerts for follow-ups.

Proc. SPIE 10702, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VII