Evaluation of large pixel CMOS image sensors for the Tomo-e Gozen wide field camera


Tomo-e Gozen (Tomo-e) is a wide field optical camera for the Kiso 1.05 m f/3.1 Schmidt telescope operated by the University of Tokyo. Tomo-e is equipped with 84 chips of front-illuminated CMOS image sensors with a microlens array. The field of view is about 20 square degrees and maximum frame rate is 2 fps. The CMOS sensor has 2160x1200 pixels and a size of pixel is 19 microns, which is larger than those of other CMOS sensors. We have evaluated performances of the CMOS sensors installed in Tomo-e. The readout noise is 2.0 e- in 2 fps operations when an internal amplifier gain is set to 16. The dark current is 0.5 e-/sec/pix at room temperature, 290K, which is lower than a typical sky background flux in Tomo-e observations, 50 e-/sec/pix. The efficiency of the camera system peaks at approximately 0.7 in 500 nm.

Proc. SPIE 10709, High Energy, Optical, and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy VIII