Channel Estimation and Code Word Inference for Mobile Digital Satellite Broadcasting Reception


This paper proposes a method of improving reception of digital satellite broadcasting in a moving vehicle. According to some studies, the antennas used for mobile reception will be smaller in the next generation and reception will be more difficult because of a fading multipath channel with delays in a low carrier-to-noise ratio. Commonly used approaches to reduce the inter symbol interference caused by a fading multipath channel with delays are pilot sequences and diversity reception. Digital satellite broadcasting, however, does not transmit pilot sequences for channel estimation and it is not possible to install multiple antennas in a vehicle. This paper does not propose any change to the broadcasting standards but discusses how to process currently available digital satellite signals to obtain better results. Our method does not rely on the pilot sequences or diversity reception, but consists of channel estimation and stochastic inference methods. For each task, two methods are proposed. The maximum likelihood estimation and higher order statistics matching methods are proposed for the estimation, and the marginal with the joint probability inference methods are proposed for the stochastic inference. The improvements were confirmed through experiments with numerical simulations and real data. The computational costs are also discussed for future implementation.

IEICE trans. on Communications