Journal Paper

Blind Deconvolution with Non-smooth Regularization via Bregman Proximal DCAs

Accepted for Publication in Signal Processing

ALMA Super-resolution Imaging of T Tau: r = 12 au Gap in the Compact Dust Disk around T Tau NA

Published in ApJ

A data-scientific noise-removal method for efficient submillimeter spectroscopy with single-dish telescopes

Published in AJ

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Weak Lensing Mass Maps with a Sparsity Prior. I. Cluster Detection

Published in Apj

Extracting common signal components from the X-ray and optical light curves of GX 339-4: new view for anti-correlation

Published in PASJ

Noise reduction for weak lensing mass mapping: an application of generative adversarial networks to Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam first-year data

Published in MNRAS

Feature selection for classification of blazars based on optical photometric and polarimetric time-series data

Published in PASJ